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Prevention & Recovery: IT Security in the Hybrid Workplace

As many employees continue to work remotely and split time between working in the office and home, the focus on the cloud is growing. Technology like Microsoft 365 helps small businesses remain competitive in the hybrid workplace.

While it helps your team achieve results and stay connected when working from anywhere, the flexibility of the cloud creates security risks. Making sure your cybersecurity strategy shifts with the way you work is important in keeping your organization safe from cyber threats.

Prevention & Recovery: IT Security in the Hybrid WorkPlace

That’s why we’re focusing this 1-hour discussion on prevention & recovery. More specifically, we’re talking about preventing cyber attacks with Microsoft 365 security tools and investing in cyber insurance as a way to recover from one.

What you’ll learn

  • How Microsoft 365 can help protect against phishing attacks
  • The risks of using passwords and how Microsoft 365 can help keep attackers out without making it harder for your employees to log in.
  • Why Azure AD and InTune may replace the domain controller in your office
  • How cyber insurance protects your organization and what may be excluded from your coverage
  • What impacts the cost of a cyber policy

Meet our guests

Rob Witteman, Project Lead at WorkSmart

Rob has worked for a total of 8 years in the MSP space, and has been with WorkSmart for 4 of those years. He currently serves as WorkSmart’s Onboarding Project Lead.

In this role, Rob focuses on new client onboarding projects to ensure a successful start to their partnership with WorkSmart.

As a Microsoft certified IT professional, Rob helps companies leverage Microsoft technologies and leads the team in training to keep everyone on pace with Microsoft’s evolving platform. He believes in using technology to make work easier and to make the tech experience as smooth as possible for everyone.

Ralph Whitehurst Jr, Business Development at Triangle Risk Advisors

As President/CEO of Total Retirement Planning and Whitehurst Strategic Partners, Ralph has transformed a successful hometown insurance agency into a regional leader for evolving businesses and family financial consulting, specializing in retirement planning, estate preservation, risk management, business and family consulting.

After merging his practice with Triangle Risk Advisors, LLC in 2019, Ralph continues his role, along with serving on numerous safety and advisory boards for both insurance companies and clients.

Ralph understands that every client’s needs are unique, therefore the firm uses proprietary processes to identify those needs and create a custom roadmap for each client.


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What is ransomware?

As you may have seen in the news recently, ransomware can be a very time-consuming and expensive threat. Luckily, there are steps to take that can help prevent these cyberattacks. Here’s everything you need to know about the menacing malware.

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Ransomware vs Intercept-X

You’re right to be thinking about cybersecurity.

A cyber attack like ransomware can really devastate a small business. That’s why it’s important to build a cybersecurity strategy with the right tools.

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To Security and Beyond! The Basics of Cybersecurity


The way we work has changed – has your cybersecurity strategy changed with it?

Technological advancement is cybersecurity’s best buddy – and arch nemesis. As the good guys “toys” get better (the technology we use to help us stay productive), so does the ones used by bad guys, so it’s always important to be reevaluating your cybersecurity strategy to make sure it meet the needs of the times.

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Phish Proof: A Cybersecurity Awareness Training

In this webinar, you’ll learn good cybersecurity hygiene.

We’re covering the signs of a cyber attack and user-friendly cybersecurity best practices. So that you can be Phish Proof. 

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4 Ways Azure AD Can Benefit Your Business

As more accounts move to the cloud, the key to securing your company’s data is managing access effectively. Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management tool that helps you simplify security and allows your team to work from anywhere.

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Two Cybersecurity Services Missing from Your IT Security Plan

Cybersecurity is a priority, but it can be complicated to navigate for small businesses with limited resources. While you’re likely covered by traditional security tools like a firewall or anti-virus, and advanced threat protection, small businesses haven’t had the resources to ensure their security systems are working well. However, you can leverage two key cybersecurity services to continuously strengthen your IT security plan.

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It’s the final week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s time we connected all the dots – like a good ol’fashion conspiracy wall web, except, not as creepy.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Videos: The Heroes of Cybersecurity

This week in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s all about the heroes of cybersecurity that protect us against the evil doings of the Wicked Witches of the Web. You’ll learn the best tools and tech to keep your organization safe from cyber criminals. 

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The Types of Cyber Attacks Targeting Your Small Business

Cybersecurity is all about staying ahead of threats, making it important to know the types of cyber attacks that may target your small business.