Virtual Reality: Controlling Access to Your Technology

Virtual Reality: Controlling Access to Your Technology

The modern workplace is cloud-centric, which means more flexibility and, unfortunately, more risk. In this webinar, our Technical Account Director, Brian Craig, shares how you can strengthen data security by better managing employees in the cloud.

Virtual is a reality of the future for business operations.

Many small businesses are moving towards a ZERO footprint in the office. And with more resources in the cloud, your data becomes more accessible, even to the bad guys. Your strategy for managing employees as they work in the cloud becomes more important than ever.
As we use more cloud services, we need to think differently about controlling employees’ access to your technology. You can enable your team to work from anywhere and improve data security.

Are you in control of who is accessing your data and how?

Most office networks are already using Microsoft’s Active Directory, running on a server in your office, centrally managing how employees (through usernames/passwords) and computers connect to your data. Azure Active Directory and Intune moves that capability into the cloud.
That means keeping your company data secure while enabling mobility and reducing the expenses required to maintain infrastructure in your office.
The best news of all? We’re talking about solutions that may be included in your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Watch our webinar about managing users in the cloud with Azure Active Directory and Intune.

Watch this webinar for a strategy on moving your traditionally on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud with Azure Active Directory and Intune to keep your teams productive, your business functioning with ease, and your data secure with centralized management and access controls.