SMB Phone Home: Cloud-based Phone Systems

SMB Phone Home: Cloud-based Phone Systems

Are your employees using their cell phone because they aren’t in the office? With the right phone system, you don’t need to be in the physical office to connect your team and your customers.

A Flexible Phone System for Small Businesses

Cloud-based phone systems make it easy to use your organization’s phones from anywhere. With our partner Nextiva, we’ll show you how the internet becomes your phone line, your computer or smartphone can be your phone, and your customers call the same numbers as they would to reach you at the office. We’ll review features like:
• Call screening on your cell phone to identify business calls from personal ones
• Auto-attendant phone trees to help your customers quickly find what they’re calling for
• Instant messaging to help your team get quick answers from co-workers
• Video conferencing for face-to-face connection

Watch this webinar featuring cloud phone systems.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how easy it is for your phone system to work remotely and the must-have features for a cloud-based phone system.