Basic Teams Training: Intro to Microsoft Teams

Basic Teams Training: Intro to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool. It’s more than a messaging app—it provides a virtual workspace for your team to work together regardless of where they are.

An everyday user-friendly training on Microsoft Teams.

In part 2 of our Microsoft 365 basic training, we provide an in-depth overview of Microsoft Teams to help your team work better with Microsoft Teams, including:
• Navigating teams, channels, and tabs within Microsoft Teams
• Using chat for 1:1 communication and more structured conversations for teams
• Sharing files, either within or outside of the organization
• Integrating other Microsoft 365 and 3rd party apps
• Connecting with meetings and video calls

Watch our webinar featuring the basics of Microsoft Teams.

In this webinar, you’ll learn tips for using Microsoft Teams for virtual teamwork plus best practices to keep everyone organized and productive.