Learn a little more about the people you’re going to love!

Jason, Support Director (Interim Service Manager)
Jason has been with our team for the last 20 years and has held many different roles as an IT professional throughout his time here.

He’s a big fan of scuba diving, and enjoys taking trips to be able to explore underwater. Jason is also a fan of bull dogs!

What folks say about jason:

“Thank you for all of your work on behind-the-scenes stuff that supports projects running smoothly!”

“Thank you for all the training support and exercises!”

“Thanks for always being willing to jump in and problem-solve to make sure that our clients and team members can succeed!”

Dave, Consultant
Dave has been working in IT for 20 years and has been in a few different positions. He enjoys gardening, watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Dave also has two dogs – Cooper and Drax. His favorite food is cheeseburgers and hopes to one day visit St. Maarten.

What our clients say about dave:

Dave always gets us squared away during his proactive visits, it is comforting to have him here each month. Even if he can’t immediately solve whatever crisis we’ve created, he’ll research and figure it out!

“As usual, Dave ran this one down for us and patiently guided us through the process of achieving what we had asked for!

David, Technical Support Engineer I
David grew up in Central America before moving to the United States. He’s interested in all things technology and is always curious to learn more.

His favorite books include Bobiverse, Shogun, and the Pillars of the Earth. On the weekends, David enjoys watching college football, grilling, and watching his nephew play baseball.

David has one dog that he enjoys spending time with. He would love to visit the Nordic Region one day, and his favorite thing to eat is steak.

What our clients say about david:

“David was terrific and very helpful and patient. Very much appreciated.

“David is always a pleasure to work with – very helpful and always gets it right!

Xander, Consultant II
Xander was born and raised in NC. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors doing anything from going on backpacking trips with his brother to hanging out by a fire with friends.

He’s a big fan of football (even though his Panthers have had some tough times!) and loves any set of mountains with a beautiful view, preferably when it’s snowing out.

Xander’s favorite food is Pho and is always on the hunt for new and unique places to visit with his wife.

What our clients say about xander:

Xander’s knowledge, professionalism and customer-centric attitude.

Xander is great to work with.”

John, IT Consultant III
 John grew up in West Michigan where he joined the Army right after high school. He returned home to attend college and landed his first job in the IT industry where he’s been working ever since.

He eventually relocated to NC and began working specifically in the Managed Services side of IT. John enjoys spending time with his wife and four children (two natural and two foster), as well as riding Harleys with his brother.

John is a big sports fan and loves going to sporting events, especially baseball and hockey games (Go Wings and Canes!). His family is also very big into scouting.

What our clients say about john:

John is amazing!! Always does a good job, follows through and is very detail oriented.”

“I can always count on John to identify potential issues and address them during proactive visits.”

“A true asset to our organization knowing John is available to assist.”