Learn a little more about your Account Managers!

Laura is originally from New York, spent some time living in Canada, and is now located in the Charlotte, NC area.

She has over twenty years experience in customer service, five of those being specifically in account management.

Laura has held a variety of different roles in the tech industry, including software engineer, entrepreneur, and an IT manager. She enjoys partnering with clients and helping them make the most out of their technology.

What folks say about Laura:

“I really appreciate you going out of your way to help others on the team and always being willing to do extra to make sure we are successful. I sure am thankful for you!”

“Thank you for always providing constructive feedback. Your support helps me continue to grow and learn and lead my team. Keep it coming! I appreciate you.”

Neill has been in customer service his entire working career, with over 10 years experience in account management specifically.

Fun fact about Neill, he’s actually a dual citizen of the United States and the Netherlands. In his spare time, Neill enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs, especially when it’s outdoors.

He enjoys creating relationships with people and building trust to best help navigate when issues arise.

What folks say about Neill:

“Shout out to Neill for going the extra mile to assist – he’s always very kind and super responsive!”

“Neill always pays close attention to the needs of his clients and advocates on their behalf to ensure that they receive best-in-class service.”

Kellie is a Durham, NC native and graduated from NC State with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

She has over twenty years experience in customer service, with more than 12 years in IT specifically. Kellie has a dog named Slim Shady and participates with animal rescuing and fostering.

Kellie enjoys the opportunity to provide clients with IT solutions, service and support that will improve their daily work life.

What folks say about kellie:

“Thank you for the care and concern you show everyday for your Clients and Teammates. I appreciate you!”

“Just want to acknowledge and thank you for taking the lead at smoothing out a little bump in our systems. You’re absolutely doing the right thing, and adding a little polish to a pretty good system. Thank you Kellie!”

Nate is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but is now located in Raleigh, NC with his dog, Jane.

He has over six years experience in customer service and account management. Fun fact about Nate, his biggest guilty pleasure is East Carolina BBQ.

Nate enjoys the opportunity to learn about different businesses and finding solutions that best fit the needs and goals of the organization.

What folks say about nate:

“Thank you for always jumping in to help answer questions and share your experiences on the discussion board! I appreciate your collaborative spirit and desire to help the rest of the team, it’s really nice to have someone who is always willing to help!”

Quinn is originally from Los Angeles, but has been in the Atlanta area for the past five years now.

She has over 10 years experience in customer service, 5 of those being in account management specifically. In her spare time, Quinn enjoys exploring new trails with her two poodle mixes.

She loves forming relationships with all of the wonderful organizations that she gets to help support.

What folks say about quinn:

“I greatly appreciate both your positive attitude and immediate willingness to take ownership!”

“Quinn, you are a rock star!! You approach difficult conversations calmly and directly, which really helps facilitate positive outcomes. I just want you to know I appreciate all you do.”

Amelia is originally from Massachusetts and has lived in South Florida for the last seven years.

She has over 18 years experience in customer service, 10 of those being in account management specifically. She also has two mini Australian Shepherds that she loves spending time with.

Amelia loves providing strategic advisement that helps make a positive impact on her clients.

What folks say about Amelia:

“Thanks for always having my back and bringing positive energy to the table, even when the going gets tough!”

“Thanks for hopping on an impromptu Q&A/training sesh with me and keeping the training going even when I had to leave for another meeting. Your ability to make others feel welcome along with your willingness to share your knowledge is a winning combination.”

Steven was born in North Carolina, but then lived most of his life in Tennessee, graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He returned to NC about 5 years ago so he can easily make his way between the mountains and the coast.

He’s been in a customer service role for over ten years, seven of those being in account management specifically. In his spare time, Steven enjoys reading, gaming, and finding ethnic cuisine to eat in the Triangle.

Steven loves getting to build relationships and help people make informed decisions about solutions that could benefit their business and end users.

What folks say about steven:

“Steven is an incredible Account Manager, always curious about new things and ways to improve. He truly cares about his clients and goes to bat for them to make them, and us, successful!”

“Thanks for always being willing to help and support our team. You ask great questions and are always engaged. You make our team stronger and I am grateful to get to work with you!”

Dawn was born and raised in Chicago, and has now spent time on both the East and West coasts.

She has over ten years in customer service, five of those being in account management specifically.

In her spare time, Dawn enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids, and her dogs. She also likes to be creative and make jewelry and digital art.

What folks say about dawn:

“Thank YOU for taking care of the client. They were very appreciative of you and your efforts.”

“I loved your curiosity this morning! Keep the questions coming!”