Clay Harris

President & COO


College & Degree: UNC Chapel Hill, Political ScienceHome Town: Greensboro, NCFamily: Jackie (my wife), Zoe and Nora (my daughters)How long have you lived in North Carolina? All my life.What do you feel are the top three characteristics of an innovative business leader? Be honest, play fair and recover quickly from setbacks.What’s the least glamorous thing you do in the line of duty? How about most glamorous? Attend awards banquets!What skill would you most like to improve? I’d like to read more. I’m already pretty good at actually reading though.What do you do to relax? Walks / Take a nap with Zoe and Jackie!What is your dream vacation? No phone or email. Doesn’t matter where.What music is on your iPod? I love Rdio – subscription based access to (almost) any song! But I mainly listen to the radio (NPR, Sports talk) and Podcasts (Bill Simmons, Judge John Hodgman, and This Week in Tech)What’s your favorite part of a typical day? At work? The quiet calm of getting into the office early. At home? Play time with ZoeHonors Named the 2010 recipient of the Bull’s Eye Award for Young Professional of the Year by the Durham Young Professionals Group