Enterprise-level iPad and iPhone Rollout

Does your business need services beyond consumer-level support? Using best practices and enterprise-tested tools and policies, WorkSmart helps large groups manage mobility in the corporate environment. Our mobility consultants extend your IT team’s capabilities and capacity as these new mobility services are integrated into your IT plan.

We can help with coordinated iPad and iPhone purchases and setup at the beginning of a project, and follow through with user support and device management on an ongoing basis. We help clients with the challenging task of managing site-wide app licenses and updates, and maintaining consistent content across all devices.

As members of the Apple Consultants Network, our certified iOS Mobility Technology consultants can help your team with a large iPad or iPhone rollout, using best-practices recommended by Apple, and, if required, additional tools for efficient, standardized deployments. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff begin by learning about how you plan to integrate iPads or iPhones into your business process, and then collaborating with your staff to outline relevant requirements. Once those have been defined, our team will propose options for iPhone and iPad management, security, and administration. Once a comprehensive plan is agreed on, our trained team will configure, test and deploy the group of iPhones or iPads, and follow up with users to ensure that they are performing as expected.

Our team focuses on helping your enterprise get the most out of the iOS platform, leveraging the inherent power of these devices that has made them so popular. As the tools for managing these originally consumer-geared devices evolve, and new enterprise-level capabilities become available, our experts are here to help your organization make the best choices to realize the benefits this technology offers.