Certified iOS Expertise

WorkSmart’s consultants have been certified through Apple’s Mobility Technical Competency program, and are active members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). That means our staff has training and an ongoing direct technical connection with Apple, which enables us to deliver enterprise-level implementation and management of iOS. We support customers of all sizes with site-wide secure deployment and management of iPhones, iPads and other devices.

Do you have a plan in place to support your iOS mobile users?

Organizations are choosing Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads at nearly the same pace as the consumer market. Once you’ve chosen Apple’s iOS, you may quickly realize the need for a management plan for these devices. As user-friendly as they are, the complexities of managing a large fleet of iPhones and iPads can become a full-time job and a security risk, as well as affect productivity if critical apps aren’t available when a device or service is down. We can help your team get the most out of Apple’s technology with best-in-class tools to efficiently and securely manage iOS devices.

Deployment – WorkSmart’s certified mobility consltants can rapidly set up new iPhone and iPad fleets, using tools to automate the process of applying settings, updates and configurations. Issues addressed during implementation can include setup and configuration, integration, remote and on-site support and troubleshooting, and initial training.

Support – Are you wondering whether the local Apple Retail store will be able to support your organizations iPhone and iPad users? Here, the question isn’t whether they can, it’s more about how you can get on-demand access to convenient and business-focused support for your team. As with our acclaimed ManagedShield support plans, we provide helpdesk and on-site support for mobile devices as well. And just like the customer services you’ve come to expect from our IT team, we’ll be familiar with the broader IT environment your mobile devices are connecting with and the applications users rely on. Support services for iPad and iPhone include network configuration, Microsoft Exchange setup, device hardware issues and business-specific application and content support.

Mobile Device Management – We have the training, experience and tools to effectively deliver comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) for iPhone and iPad and we offer continuous administration of the MDM program, per your needs.