VMWare Monitoring

VMWare delivers enhanced return on technology investment

As your business grows, so do your IT equipment requirements. But your office won’t necessarily grow alongside it, and the cost of relocating for more space can be prohibitive. But there is another solution – virtualizing your IT can allow you to get the benefits of more IT within the constraints of the space you already have.

VMWare Monitoring solutions from WorkSmart allow you to identify areas where virtualization could allow you to do more with less, by separating your hardware from its physical environment and instead having it delivered electronically on demand. You’ll also save cash and avoid upfront capital investment, by switching to a monthly subscription plan that includes ongoing support, upgrades and device management.

WorkSmart’s customized VMWare Monitoring services can bring you greater flexibility and performance than ever before, by configuring systems so that your servers are optimized and running to their fullest extent. This means you can move server workloads between virtual workspaces, maximizing your resources depending on your changing requirements.

WorkSmart’s VMWare Monitoring solutions give you:

  • Fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing – enhance the performance of your business applications
  • Rapid disaster recovery – thanks to virtualization’s single-system image you’ll be back up and running quicker than ever before in the event of a disaster
  • Consolidated software and applications – make sure Macs and PCs operate seamlessly on one single system
  • Unified servers with better performance – better use of your servers enables you to achieve more with less hardware
  • A lower carbon footprint – when you’re operating fewer servers, you’re using less electricity and reducing the amount of energy you’re consuming.