Security Essentials

WorkSmart recommends Security Essentials for every client, which together provide the foundation of IT security required to do business in today’s world.

Every IT plan should include managed Anti-Virus software, Spam-Filtering, and OpenDNS.

ManagedShield ANTI-VIRUS

With ManagedShield Anti-virus, WorkSmart provides a hosted anti-virus service to cover all protected systems so that no additional server resources are required by anti-virus software. Hosted anti-virus is managed and monitored by WorkSmart.

Anti-virus software scans files and computer memory for patterns that may indicate a virus infection, based on the latest “definitions” of known viruses. Virus creators regularly release new and modified viruses, so it’s important to have the latest definitions installed for anti-virus software to reference.


Spam is an digital equivalent of “junk mail” and the term refers to unsolicited, often unwanted, email messages. Although spam does not necessarily contain viruses—filtering spam significantly reduces the risks and side affects of receiving such email traffic.

ManagedShield Spam Filtering is a hosted solution that filters, blocks, and quarantines threats before they enter the network. Included in this service are:

  • Daily email reports containing quarantined spam details
  • Web portal access to quarantined messages and management of allowed or denied users
  • Email continuity, which provides access to email if the email server is unavailable


Although many of the options for mitigating threats such as ransomware are intrusive and disruptive, we’ve been recommending a tool from OpenDNS called Umbrella that is extremely effective in protecting your organization from malware, botnets, and phishing.

WorkSmart deploy OpenDNS Umbrella. It reduces the risk of becoming infected by malware or a virus by blocking access to sites that are known to distribute these types of infections. The OpenDNS Umbrella will protect computers while they are in and out of the office and will notify WorkSmart of computers that have possibly been infected.