ManagedShield Value

ManagedShield services drive down the costs of professional IT support and strategic management. Clients realize operational ROI through the combination of IT best practices, implementation of critical key technologies, and the leveraging of the optimized business IT systems WorkSmart has developed to enable client growth. Modern businesses demand agility, and ManagedShield supports this need through predictable, flat-fee outsourced support.

The Value of ManagedShield

Reduced risk: Through proactive support and management (as opposed to the reactive way of delivering IT services in the break-fix model), technology road mapping, and ongoing monitoring, patching and maintenance, client computing infrastructure experiences more uptime, which limits business risk.

Fixed cost: Predictable monthly fees help businesses budget, and plan for growth.

Lower operating costs: Outsourced IT services simply cost less than retaining the IT staff and other resources required to do it in-house.

Happy, productive users: ManagedShield services enable greater productivity through increased uptime, improved responsiveness to user needs, and staff free from the worry about IT.

The Right Focus: WorkSmart is 100% focused on high-touch Managed IT Services so our clients can focus on running their business.

Broad Expertise: ManagedShield services come with the deep bench of talent, continuous availability, and constant improvements and efficiencies that no internal team can match.

Documenting it all: SMBs that manage IT themselves often don’t have the bandwidth to document their IT environments, leading to huge overhead in delivering support and transferring institutional knowledge.