ManagedShield Firewall

Control what goes into and out of your network

Internet access is a vital commodity that enables modern businesses to operate – few of us could survive without it, in fact. But it comes with risks, too – and to be able to make the most of it, you need it to be readily available, secure, efficient and safe. WorkSmart’s ManagedShield Firewall solutions enable you to protect your company’s network and systems, so that you get all the benefits of the internet with none of the drawbacks.

The ManagedShield Firewall from WorkSmart keeps good traffic in and bad traffic out, so that your network functions smoothly and efficiently and supports your work.

You get all of this with the ManagedShield Firewall by WorkSmart:

  • Web content filtering – control access to productivity-hampering or inappropriate sites
  • Hardware and software – with ongoing upgrades and security updates
  • Comprehensive security – to allow for full-on protection of your systems
  • Simplified management – including reporting on availability and threats thwarted