Cloud Services

Hosted Services

Hosting your Desktops, Servers and Email

Hosted Desktop and Server

WorkSmart provides server and desktop resources that look and act just like your local server and desktop, and because we utilize a Cloud and virtualization computing system, you will take advantage of scalable on-demand resources. Hosted Desktop and Hosted Server are ready to meet the needs of your business at any given moment from any location.

We remove the headache and the expense of buying, setting up and maintaining PCs by providing a hosted desktop environment. Hosted Desktops and Servers allow you to connect from anywhere via the Internet; all you need to connect to your Hosted Desktop is an existing PC/laptop, thin client or mobile device, and an Internet connection. WorkSmart does the rest.

Hosted Email

Email, collaboration and scheduling tools have become critical for the success of any business. Microsoft Exchange Server is used by the majority of businesses for email, calendars and contact management. Hosted Exchange is the latest version of Exchange as a hosted service, which significantly reduces upfront costs and maintenance expenses, allowing you to invest more into other key areas of your business.

If you select Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007, all hardware and software are provided to you by WorkSmart. It is run and maintained in a tier-4 datacenter for you. You pay a low monthly fee and can access your email on your desktop, Outlook Web Access (OWA) in any Web browser or wirelessly from a mobile device.

Advantages of Hosting

Using the hosted model provides a number of key benefits, giving your organization the edge over your competition:

  • The elimination of upfront hardware and software costs, depreciation expense and ongoing maintenance costs allow this solution to be an economical one.
  • Monthly fees can be regarded as an operational expense rather than a capitalized cost.
  • It is available anywhere, at anytime as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • There is no hardware maintenance thus eliminating additional costs.
  • Information is stored in a highly secure datacenter.
  • No backups are necessary as disaster-recovery is managed at the datacenter. There is a 99.99% uptime guarantee coupled with 24×7 support.
  • Changes can be made at any time without moving from one physical machine to another.