DataSafe 2.0

As you know, it is critical that your organization’s servers are consistently and reliably backed up. However, your staff may also keep some of their most important files on their laptops or workstations. Whether it’s sensitive HR information, notes from specific client meetings, or in-progress work from the road, some data just doesn’t make it onto the server in a timely manner, if ever. Regardless of the reason that some files are only saved locally, this is data your organization can’t afford to lose. You need a way to make sure that this data is also protected by a reliable backup solution.

WorkSmart offers a service called DataSafe 2.0, specifically designed to back up workstations and laptops. This is not a server backup solution, it’s for individual users – and it’s only $15 per month for unlimited off-site storage.

  • UNLIMITED backup capacity per account
  • Up to 4 computers can be backed up per account
  • Cross platform: Windows or Mac
  • Choice of several levels of password protection and encryption to meet individual user security and privacy needs
  • Low Monthly Pricing: $15 per user, per month; The Perfect Fit
  • An excellent choice for Executive Team Members that keep files locally on workstations for privacy
  • Ideal for staff who work remotely or are on the road frequently
  • A great option for anyone with non-domain joined PCs and/or no shared storage devices available