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4 Keys to Reliable Data Backups

Employee delete a folder of client data? Ransomware encrypt all your files? Data loss happens. Your backup solution should ensure that your data is safe and recoverable. Reliable data backups save you time, money, and your reputation. However, not all solutions are the same. This article aims to give you the best practices for your […]

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What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

If your firewall and antivirus are the locked doors of your IT, then a Security Operations Center is the alarm system and the police who respond to a break-in. It is a mix of tools, processes, and people looking for threats in order to quickly stop them and prevent damage. Essentially, it’s real-time threat detection […]

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How to Onboard a New Hire

Retaining quality employees begins with a solid onboarding process. The key is to make a great first impression as it’s your first engagement – technology makes that easy! Here are some tips to onboard a new hire from an IT point of view. Automate for success. Use an HR tool like Sapling or ADP Onboarding […]

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