IT Resolution: Deploy OpenDNS Umbrella

IT Resolution: Deploy OpenDNS Umbrella

As you saw from our updates on the topic, 2014 saw several waves of ransomware, first with CryptoLocker and then CryptoWall. Although many of the options for mitigating these threats are intrusive and disruptive, we’ve been recommending a tool from OpenDNS called Umbrella that is extremely effective in protecting your organization from malware, botnets and phishing.

With 2015 just underway, make a New Year’s IT Resolution to have WorkSmart deploy OpenDNS Umbrella. It reduces the risk of becoming infected by malware or a virus by blocking access to sites that are known to distribute these types of infections. OpenDNS Umbrella will protect computers while they are in and out of the office and will notify WorkSmart of computers that have possibly been infected.

It’s not too expensive, and it dramatically reduces the threat of malware infections and network breaches. We’ve tested it and have been using the product internally at WorkSmart for the past several months with great success.

Please contact your WorkSmart representative for more information.

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