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Choosing the Right Microsoft 365 Subscription

Picking the best Microsoft 365 subscription for your business is the key to getting the most out of the service.

Picking the best Microsoft 365 subscription for your business is the key to getting the most out of the service. In April, Microsoft rebranded and left Office 365 behind—while keeping the tools and prices the same.

That said, Microsoft 365 offers three business subscriptions: Business Basic; Business Standard; and Business Premium. Here’s a breakdown of the subscription services to help you choose the best subscription for your business.
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Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)


Business Basic uses Microsoft’s cloud-based products to simplify teamwork and collaboration. This plan is focused on maximizing productivity and features:

  • Office web apps
  • Business-class email with Exchange Online
  • Secure cloud storage with OneDrive for Business,
  • A hub for communication and collaboration through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business)


Business Standard adds the Office suite onto the benefits of Business Basic to amplify your employee’s productivity and give them access to all Office apps on up to five devices per user. It also includes:

  • MileIQ, a reliable way to track mileage and report business trips.
  • Microsoft Bookings, giving customers the power to schedule and manage appointments with your team

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly Office 365 Business Premium)


Business Premium is best for companies that need more security. In addition to everything from Business Standard, it includes:

  • Advanced security features (Azure Information Protection)
  • Device management (Intune)

These services give you control over who can access your data and how they can do it.  It’s great for defending information on both company and personal devices—making your sensitive information safe on-the-go..

Ask the right questions to guide your decision

How many users does your company have?

Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions are available for up to 300 employees—any greater and your company will need to use Microsoft 365’s Enterprise plans.

Will your team access company resources from their personal devices?

If your team members use company tools on their personal mobile devices, you can manage what they can and can’t do within the Office apps installed on their devices. Business Premium offers device management solutions to help keep employees productive and information safe.

Does your company manage sensitive information?

A data breach becomes increasingly likely as users across more devices access sensitive company or customer information. Business Premium incorporates Azure Information Protection to provide more security for data marked as sensitive.

Are you concerned about phishing?

Microsoft 365 allows you to add on Advanced Threat Protection to any Business subscription.

Backups are not included

Microsoft 365 doesn’t offer backup protection for your files; 40% of organizations report they do not have a third-party backup service in place. However, data loss happens more often than business owners might think.

So, when calculating your company’s budget for the total cost of licensing, don’t forget to add in backup expenses. It’s important to know that some solutions only backup email and OneDrive while others will include apps like Teams and Planner. Make sure you have the right coverage based on your needs!

Summing it up

Choosing the correct licensing ensures your business has the right tools to succeed. And with three plans in place, Microsoft 365 has a lot to offer—including the ability to customize your plan with add-ons on a per user basis to fit your budget.

If you need help navigating Microsoft 365 subscriptions or the tools available, we’re help to help.

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