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Tim, Service Manager
After spending most of his life in California, Tim and his wife moved to NC in 2017 where they’ve been ever since.

He enjoys spending quality time with his wife, daughter, cats, and dog Lilly Belle.

Tim also likes to play guitar, bbq, fish, watch movies, and listen to good music.

What folks say about Tim:

“You are willing to step up and help or offer direction. Your kindness and hard work make this a great place to work!”

“Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this team!”

Tim Osting headshot
Jeff, Technical Support Engineer
Jeff Lundeen headshot Jeff is Atlanta-born and now has 3 fur-children – Jackson (Anatolian Shepherd), Paisley (Min Pin/Chihuahua Mix), and Meeko the cat.

Jeff spent 4 years in the USMC where he got to do many interesting things as a Recon Marine.

His free time now mostly includes getting in his sports fix in anyway possible and playing flag football or golf.

What our clients say about Jeff:

“Thanks a million Jeff! You are a super star. I appreciate your help.”

Jeff is very patient with us. He is very detailed and is willing to go the extra mile to solve the issue.”

Kevin, Consultant
Originally from Southern CA, Kevin moved to NC 27 years ago. In his prior experience, he’s been an assistant manger for Home Depot, a Massage Therapist, and a business owner.

Kevin has been married for 25 years and has two daughters that are 21 and 18, as well as a cat named Jenny.

In his free time, he enjoys cooking vegan food, watching sports (and sometimes playing!), as well as eating Mexican, Thai, or Indian food.

What our clients say about Kevin:

“Super fast resolution.

It felt easy to resolve my issue.

Kevin Taylor headshot
Lucas, Technical Support Representative
Lucas Gargano headshot While he’s a North Carolina native, Lucas spent most of his life moving around the country and going overseas with his family due to the Navy.

He’s a graduate of NCSU with a passion for art and technology. Lucas has previously worked for Epic Games on their Release Team, helping to test and deploy multiple seasons of Fortnite.

Lucas enjoys being outdoors, spending time with his pug (named Tug!), watching movies, playing video games, reading and has recently started learning Ukrainian. 

What our clients say about lucas:

We had to try a few things, but Lucas was persistent. Problem solved.

Matthew, Technical Support Engineer
Matthew is a homebody who loves to be away from home. He has one dog (Kenobi) and three cats (Bagheera, Samwise, and Noel).

He enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games. Matthew also likes many different outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, water & snow sports, and golfing. 

What our clients say about Matthew:

Got my computer working so that I didn’t have to through a bunch of extra steps to do what I normally do! An absolute timesaver!”

My service tech, Matthew, was terrifically helpful and reassuring and managed to make me feel not so bad about being an idiot when it comes to making rookie computer security mistakes. Thank you so much! 

Matthew Storm headshot
Sam, Consultant
Sam Martin headshot Sam is a comic book collector, bookworm, gamer, occasional geocacher, aspiring international traveler, foodie, movie aficionado, and sometimes adrenaline junkie (e.g. flying a plane, driving fast cars/motorcycles, bungie jumping).

She’s had a bucket list going since she was a teenager has been able to check off many of the things on the list. Sam has an adopted Retriever Mix named Sydney (Scooby to some) and multiple fish. 

What our clients say about sam:

“Sam is amazing, we appreciate her coming in on a Saturday to make sure we are up and running for our opening day!”

“Sam demonstrated customer service excellence at its finest. Sam is patient, kind, professional and very knowledgeable.”

Bill, Technical Support Engineer
After growing up on Long Island and spending a few years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Bill eventually relocated to North Carolina (which he claims is his favorite!)

In his free time, he likes to hang out with his family, his four dogs Inigo, Pedro, Gunnar, and Lulu, as well as smoke chicken on the pellet grill.

Bill also enjoys listening to music, photography, and woodworking.

What our clients say about Bill:

“Bill not only solved my issue, but he went out of his way to make sure I understood what happened and why.

“Bill is always amazing. Did everything he could to fix the problem.”

Bill Marin headshot
Jenna, Technical Support Engineer
Jenna Gonzales headshot Jenna was born and raised in Alabama, and has also lived in both California and Texas before settling in North Carolina. Jenna is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three kids, three dogs (Boomer, Lucy, and Chance), and three cats (Molly, Figuero, and Pumkin Pi).

Jenna is also an avid reader, and likes to garden and find new trails to take walks on.

What our clients say about Jenna:

“Jenna was amazing! Love when she is assigned to my tickets. So knowledgeable and fast. Very much appreciated.”

“Jenna was very helpful and very patient to help me add an inbox that I did not know how to do! 10/10 service!

Seth, Consultant
Seth has worked in IT for the better part of a decade, and has also worked in various media projects. He’s been a podcaster, reviewed over 300 games, and has performed various voice over projects including ring announcing.

He has a dog named Sentry and a cat named Yu. In his free time, Seth also enjoys trying wild new snack foods and watching just about anything.

What our clients say about SETH:

“Friendly, professional, solid service. Thanks.

“Seth, thank you for throwing yourself into a new, unknown challenge. We’re so glad to have you.”

Seth Travaline headshot
Cybersecurity - Prevention Blog

Marissa Explains IT All: Advice for Using Public WiFi

Over the past couple of years, we’ve likely all found ourselves in a position where we needed to get some work done, but our only internet option was public wifi.

Whether you like to head to your local coffee shop or get some work done in a bookstore, oftentimes there is no other option for you to use.

Webinars Cybersecurity - Prevention Cybersecurity - Detection and Response

Bytes & Brews: De-Spooking the Most Common Cybersecurity Threats

It’s officially Spooky Season, but no need to fear… we’re bringing you another Bytes & Brews webinar to help keep your business from getting spooked. 

But, we’re doing it with a twist. We’re splitting our usual webinar into 5 short videos. Check them out below!

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 5 – Managing Hazardous Risks

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 4 – Mutated Malware

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 3 – The Ghost Stories of Cybersecurity

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 2 – Detecting Monsters Under the Bed

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 1 – Don’t Go Batty!

Join us as we enjoy some coffee brews and chat about how you can avoid the cybersecurity scaries (and easy tips to share with your team).


WHAT’S IN THE videos?
  1. Don’t go batty: tips for securely navigating the hybrid workplace
  2. Ways to detect for monsters under your bed (and to mitigate the effects of a cybersecurity event)
  3. The scariest ghost stories of cybersecurity (and how the right IT security strategy protects your business)
  4. Why implementing an advanced anti-virus helps to avoid mutated malware
  5. How hazardous risk management plays in a key role in IT security


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Lil’ Red is roasted in small batches. Our roasting process preserves the optimal flavor profile of our beans so that you receive the same high-quality coffee with every order.”

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Celebrating our September Team Member Anniversaries!

As we wrap up another month and the seasons begin to change, we wanted to take some time to recognize a few special people. Yes, we’re IT experts. But we’re also a team of sincere people who are committed to helping both their clients, and fellow team members reach their fullest potential.

Blog The WorkSmart Way

Looking for new items? Check out what’s in stock here!

In today’s digital world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the tools you need in a timely manner. Our team is always checking what’s in stock to help you get what you need.

Check out some of the current finds below!

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Why Your Business Needs a Better Way to Respond to Attacks

It’s no secret that the risk of a cyberattack is high. As threats continue to evolve, it’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when” a threat will get passed your security defenses. When that happens, you need to be prepared with a plan of action to help minimize the damages done to your organization.

Fortunately, there are security solutions and proactive steps you can take to not only decrease your risk of being attacked to begin with, but also help save your organization valuable time and resources should one get through. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to have a reliable response process in place.

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Bytes & Brews: Fall Into Budgeting Season with a Solid IT Plan

Fall is officially here bringing cooler temps, colorful leaves, and trips to the pumpkin patch.

Bundle up with us for a new webinar series, “Bytes + Brews”, as we head to our local coffee shop to chat all things technology.

Blog Awards/Recognition/Growth

WorkSmart Named on Triangle Business Journal’s Fast 50

WorkSmart has been named on the Triangle Business Journal’s list of the fifty fastest-growing companies in the region for the 4th year in a row!

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Going Passwordless in Microsoft? Here’s What You Need to Know

Passwords pose a major security risk to your organization. Even though most of us have always been taught to create complex and strong passwords, that doesn’t eliminate the threat of them getting guessed, stolen, or hacked.

As cyber criminals get more advanced in their tactics, the ways in which we protect our accounts must advance as well.

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Marissa Explains IT All: Key Elements of a Data Backup Plan

Data loss can happen in the blink of an eye. Having a reliable and complete data backup plan in place can help save your organization valuable time and money in the event of a disaster.